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Fashion In the Bass Capital

Updated: May 9, 2022

Throughout late 2021 and early 2022 I explored some of the fashion throughout Colorado's vibrant and electric EDM scene. During this investigation into the fashion I found great insights into the community, culture, and relationships that the genre has with the state as a whole. For casting models I reached out to normal people who love the music and the local scene. It was fascinating to meet such an assortment of people and to start to understand the differences in their fashion based off of which EDM sub-genre they gravitated towards. The inspiration for the outfits seemed reflective of each persons favorite genre and their own personal vibe. Some peoples influence came from heavy 2012 dubstep while others looks were reminiscent of jam band culture. Even with such unique aesthetics the overall themes of the fashion brought an essence of unity, freedom, psychedelia, and creativity. This wide array of influence brought together by Colorado's iconic venues cements why it is known as the Bass Capital of the US.

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